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About Me:

I am a Southside Chicago native, currently completing my Ed.M in Higher Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Prior to moving to Cambridge, MA, I lived in Madison, WI where I attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, earning both my B.S. (2014) and M.S (2017). During my undergraduate career, I had the privilege of directing the University’s Gospel Choir and was active in the Impact Bible Study. From 2015-2017, I served in my local church as a worship leader and on the creative arts ministry at Fountain of Life Covenant Church in Madison, Wisconsin.

I am passionate about worship, diversifying the body of Christ, infusing creative arts in worship and helping build the kingdom one conversation, one hug, one smile, one listening ear at a time.

About the Blog:

This blog came after a month-long fast, called OctoberFAST. On the last day, I went to an early morning prayer called Fourth Watch. I heard God saying that He was granting new territory and authority. I never felt so refreshed, so bold, and so encouraged. I began seeing Christ at the forefront of my relationship with my fianceĆ©, my workplace, and in my worship. As He began revealing more of His heart to me, I began writing and reflecting on His words. My prayer is that God uses these writings and reflections to help reveal more aspects of Christ – hence the title “Revealing Jesus.”

I pray that as you read through the blog, you, too, experience the fullness of God’s joy that is promised us (Psalms 16:11). Moreover, I pray that each post help us walk in love and in the grace of Christ. Matthew 5:16 encourages us to, “Let your light so shine, that others see your good works. Glorify the Father, which is in Heaven.”