Have You Prayed About It?

Reflection time: Today at church we not only sang about testimonies and how we all have them, but the pastor encouraged us to pray more because prayer has the ability to do things that human effort cannot. So here’s my testimony:

So, around 4pm, as I was working on my thesis (about 25 pages), I spilled coffee over my keyboard and trackpad. Immediately, my trackpad stopped working…like mannequin challenge still. So many questions ran through my mind: Did I save my work? Is this backed up? What will happen if this computer crash?

Immediately, I prayed, “Jesus, please let this trackpad work long enough for me to save my document and send it to my email. I declare this in your name, Amen.” I promise you that it instantaneously began to work and I logged in my email long enough to send it to myself. Kid you not, right after I sent it, it stopped working again.

I shut the computer down and prayed once more, “Lord, your Word tells me in Matt 6:27 not to worry, for you have everything in control. I don’t know what’s next for my computer, my written work, or long-term, but I am trusting in you.” I made up in my mind that my mood and attitude would not change despite the unknowing outcome.

Two hours later, I am writing this on my coffee-scented computer. My paper is saved (and backed up now), and my sanity is in tact all because I trusted God and went to Him in prayer.

I truly believe that sometimes we are tested so God can see how we will react in the situation. The Word tells us that these tests build our perseverance and faith (James 1). When circumstances come our way: Will we continue to trust Him? Will we pray about “problems” to Him, seriously believing the He can do all things? Will our attitude and motivation remain thankful, even while we wait on the outcome?

I don’t know who this is for, but I share today’s testimony to encourage a brother or sister going through something as small as a coffee-spill to a major life crisis. Keep believing in God and know that prayer works. I now understand when my mom would ask, “Have you prayed about it yet?”

Two things: 1) pray over all your situations and know that God grants us access to talk to Him about ANYTHING. 2) Keep your posture and attitude positive even in the midst of whatever is going on in and around you. Stay encouraged friends and family.



It’s the Small Things that Brings Joy

So this morning I grabbed a banana and an orange for breakfast and left for campus. All of a sudden I had a taste for a sausage egg and cheese sandwich from a coffee shop. I asked my roommate to drop me off on State Street. As I am walking to get my sandwich, I see a man in need asking if anyone had something to give. Initially, I thought “naw, I’m sorry I don’t” (side note, why do we always have auto reply responses when it comes to helping others?). Then I looked at my bag and said, “I have fruit…do you like fruit?” He replied, “do you have a banana?” Excitedly I said, “yes” and gave it to him. His face lit up like a kid receiving the best Christmas gift. I thank God I was at the right place at the right time.

Then I wondered, what could this man (who didn’t have much) teach us about life? Do you have those banana moments, excited at the small things? Here this man was destitute and out in the cold, yet he had more joy than I see in the most privileged individuals.

Two things: first, I didn’t know I would be a blessing to this man but on my way from point A to point B, I was open to being used. So important to not be so stuck on yourself that you miss a chance to bless others. Secondly, this gentleman reminds us that joy and gratitude doesn’t come from the possessions or circumstances we are in, but rather by the compassion of others and recognition & appreciation for the little things.

Please, always remember those in need and remember that your small act means the world to someone.