“At Least Recognize Me”

Romans 12 tells us: “Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.”

Paul reminds us to not be so prideful that we are not “willing to associate with people of lower positions and status.” What a great reminder. This includes the individuals who are homeless that you walk past everyday, and the men and women selling Street Pulse. Even if you have nothing to give, say hello, look them in the eye, and at least acknowledge that their presence is very real.

I remember hearing a story where an individual who was homeless said, “I understand if you don’t want to give. That’s cool. That’s not the part that hurts. It’s when people walk past as if I don’t even exists. How do I find my worth in that. Now that’s inhumane.”

Here’s a simple challenge: I remember reading a Street Pulse and at the back of it, there were the names of all those who sold the papers. I made an effort to learn their names. And when I would past them, I would greet them by name. The joy of hearing your name and being acknowledged by name. Something we easily take for granted. Saying someone’s name elevated them to a place of, “I see you…you are alive and very real to me.” To this day, even when I don’t have anything to give, I say, “thank you ‘insert name, have a blessed day.”

I see joy and life and love despite their circumstances. To be honest, some of them have more joy and practice the love of God more than we do.

The Bible says beware how you treat people because you may be entertaining angels. What if your blessing that you are desperately waiting for or the words of encouragement you need is in the hands and mouth of the individual you avoid? You may not have anything to give, but today let’s be more cognizant to recognize those that are often neglected and forgotten.