Redefining What it Means to be a “Cheerful Giver”

Reflection time!

So, I was walking to the bus stop around 8:30pm because my bus was coming in 2 minutes and a guy stop me and ask if I could help him buy food. These were my honest thoughts:

  1. I’m really enjoying this Christian song so I’m not trying to be interrupted
  2. 2) my bus is now coming in 1 minute so I can’t afford to miss it; and
  3. 3) I only have a $20.

So I said “No.” He replied, “please… you can’t help me get food”?” Again I said “No” and walked to the stop light. Immediately, I was convicted by a couple of things:

  1. I just asked God to use me and wrote a whole post about it yesterday, but so easily wrote off this man. Was I becoming selective in who God could use me for?
  2. Catching the bus so I could be home in comfort became more important than a man’s dignity; and
  3. A man needed food TODAY. His needs were immediate but I was concerned about the replaceable $20 that I didn’t want to break. I thought, “but this is $20 dollars and I seriously don’t have change so that makes it ok.” Ummm, so why not give him the whole $20?

Best believe in an instant, I ran back to him and gave him the $20. The reality is that “God loves a cheerful giver” has become a saying we use during offering, but can’t seem to make that connection on the streets and outside those four walls.

When I gave it to him, his face lit up and he said, “Wow, really?…thank you.” My obedience and act of love may have been the only reflection of Christ he saw that day. Want to know the best part, after telling him God loves him and giving him the money, the bus was legit waiting at the bus stop. God held the bus!

What am I saying here? It’s not always about you. We literally miss the opportunity to bless others because we are so focused on us and our agenda. Don’t get me wrong: you are important, but so are others. You can’t ask God to use you, then turn around and complain that you feel used. Today was a day where the conviction was instant, but there have been days where I have said “No” and walked away. I’m not alone…we’ve all done it. I challenge everyone to be cognizant of the ways that our self-centeredness (no matter how well intentioned it is) have hardened our hearts to helping those in need.

Blessings and understanding to all who read this. Amen.


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