Fix Your Posture to Say “Yes”

Just wanted to encourage someone today.

So today in my prayer time, I told God, “If there are any opportunities to use me today, please do! For my posture is a ‘Yes’ and I want to be your ambassador today.” I kid you not, every conversation today, God did just that. He showed me who was hurting, who needed to be invited to church, who needed to know they were loved, who needed me to listen, and who needed me to celebrate in their joy. I promise y’all, I don’t share faith out of ritualistic duty; it is a genuine desire to show the world Christ like never before.

With that said, a couple of realizations came from today’s conversations:
1. The world has really distorted the role and function of the church. So many are scared to go (and sometimes rightfully so) because we have made it a place where you have to it all together and be flawless instead demonstrating what happens when a group of imperfect, jacked-up folks gather to celebrate the grace shown.

2.Don’t just invite people to church, be it. The church is not a building and the four walls, it’s the people in it. Some people can’t wait till Sunday. Ask God how you can be the church today.

3. If we wait to “get ourselves right” before going to church, we will never go. The church is like a hospital. If you broke your arm, you wouldn’t say, “I’ma wait till this arm heal, then I’ll go to the doctor.”

4. I’ve learned that folks are desperately longing for community and a welcoming church. If you call yourself a Christian, your walk must be centered around helping others and not just going to church to receive for yourself. When you realize that you may be the only example of what a Christian and what church is, you begin to live more intentionally and develop a longing and thirst for folks to experience something liberating.

5. Lastly, for all those that are seriously struggling with their faith, the church and what it means to follow Christ, please know that there are living reflections of what Jesus meant when he said, “let our light shines so others may see His good works.” I know many people have been impacted from their childhood experiences of religion, participated out of ritual and drifted once older. To be honest, some just seriously feel like “what’s the point.”

Will you consider giving Christ another try? Hit me up and I would love to share more.



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