Honest Reflection: Why Did You Vote?

These are my pure thoughts.

I found a lot of my white Christian brothers and sisters claiming how “hard” it was to vote, and I get that, we didn’t have great choices at all. With that said, that very sentiment is still very much rooted in privilege and a form of individualism. Hard to swallow, yes. I am surrounded in spaces with undocumented students, folks who very livelihoods are threatened daily.

Do I agree with every lifestyle choices? No. But I’ve seen how God uses me and others to share His love and grace, yet so many used religious Christian rhetoric to rank what they believe was more “Biblical Christian” values. That was the part that hurt most. I think for so many of us, after everything Donald said, there is no way I could ever support him because his blatant words has targeted and threatened the lives of folks I encounter everyday.

So, it’s a respectful challenge for my privileged brothers and sisters to reconsider what really was “difficult.” I really think if voting for self and personal values, then of course it was difficult. But I do question whether we really put on the equity lens that Christ life was centered around and voted with others in mind. Almost felt like people were more concerned with possessions (what can I keep: economics, jobs, money) and less about who can I care for (the ones Christ tells us to go out and be a light to).

Seriously, how do we serve the poor and hurting and broken, and at the same time support the very people and systems that’s creating and upholding such inequities. My vote wasn’t rooted in my personal wants, but truly out of love for my oppressed brothers and sisters, and that advocacy automatically had to rule out Donald.

Off to serve so many students that are honestly in awe, disbelief and fearful for what’s to come.



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