Where Are You Positioned?


During my prayer time this morning, I was shown a simple analogy to demonstrate the importance of being centered in Christ. Consider bowling. If you want to maximize your chances of getting a strike, it depends how and where you hit the middle pin. Not everything else around, the middle pin.

It doesn’t matter how hard or fast you roll the ball, if it doesn’t connect with the middle pin, chances are you won’t get a strike. Well in life, the pins represent many things (goals we want to reach, people we want to save, things we want to conquer). Whatever it may be, I’m reminded that when you are positioned and centered in Christ just like the middle pin, and the power of Christ (aka the bowling bowl) connects right at your heart, you are bound to make an impact on everything else around you.

A bowling bowl can roll down the middle or via a curve ball. The power of God can also come from any direction, as well as the impact of storms, but as long as your feet are planted firmly just like that middle pin, you are all good and set up to make an impact.




He Hears You! God Loves You

The church is not a museum for the spiritual elite, but a hospital for the broken and discarded.

The church is a place for those who have been judged and deemed unworthy; those who have been walking through life feeling like they are unable to let go of their baggage and mistakes; those who are constantly reminded of what they are doing/done wrong. I am reminded that when life happens (enter all of the above), God’s love covers a multitude of sin and pain. God makes sense of the words that aren’t even spoken yet.

He loves everyone just as you are. You do not have to be at a certain place to encounter God’s love. You don’t have to “get yourself right” to come back to Him. If I waited to be perfect to encounter God then I would’ve never come, but He found me in the midst of pain, despair and told me I was worth it.

Remember that man looks at the outside, but God looks at the heart (1 Samuel 16:7). I feel in my spirit that someone needed to hear this, so I pray that this word go forth in Christ name. Today I choose to use this platform to share the love of Christ and the message of salvation.


Ready to Trade?

I was just reminded that God doesn’t “need” anything from us, so we must be careful when we are in a mindset of, “I GUESS I’ll go to church…Why do I need to check in on the broken and hurting” or “I HAVE to lift my hands and pray.”

But what if we traded in our “guess and have to” for “I get to.” Oh how this would change our posture and idea of worship. Just imagine how it would change how we see our purpose in life. We don’t have to worship and thank God, we get to do these things. He allows them for us. I petition you to reflect on your posture: are you living life in a “I get to live, breathe and walk because of you Father” or “Unfortunately, I have to…” Consider this trade today! #Readytotrade?